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About Saudi Medical Services First Advanced (SMSFA)

- Since 2015 -

Who we are

We, Saudi Medical Services First Advanced (SMSFA), are specialized in providing logistical services to health care providers. Our services include Medical, Pharmaceutical and Dry food warehouses, storage for the third parties, and support logistics services such as transportation, inventory management, supplying medical products to hospitals and health authorities, and others.

Our history reflects our strength and ability to overcome all the challenges of the changing business environment during the last three decades in order for us to be the ideal partner for our customers and suppliers. We spread the company's culture and values ​​to get the best professionals and hire them in the required fields as well as our strong financial position and our outstanding supply chain facilities give us the confidence to be an important element in the growth of the medical market. We always provide our partners with the cost-effective and performance solutions, giving us better competitive positions.


Saudi Medical Services First Advanced (SMSFA) is considered as an integrated bridge in terms of supplying logistical services such as Medical warehouses, Pharmaceutical warehouses, Food warehouses and third-party storage to the health care institutions sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to the requirements of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). We are also keen to provide you with our distinguished services to be able to deliver products and goods to our customers with high efficiency and accuracy, using advanced technical platforms, and a wide range of approved transportation methods as per the recommendations of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) and the Transportation Administration.

Our Vision


To remain a pioneer in the field of Medical, Pharmaceuticals and Food services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we aspire to build long-term relationships with our partners and clients. We are ambitious and working hard to improve our capabilities to reach all customers and unlock more from branches within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide the highest levels of quality, service and coverage.


Our Goals


To provide Medical, Pharmaceuticals and Food logistic services  to customers to meet their needs, and to be the perfect choice as a provider of safe, reliable, and high-quality products and services.

We aim to obtain customer satisfaction at the best level by providing a wide range of healthcare products and comprehensive logistics solutions.

About Us

Our services

Medical, Pharmaceutical
and Dry Food Storage Services


Medical, Pharmaceutical and Dry Food warehouses and storage for others

Our facilities include Medical, Pharmaceutical and Dry Food Warehouses, and Storage for others, all of our warehouses licensed by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). We have complete inventory control and quality management systems (ISO 13485:2016) in all facilities. We have emergency plans in all medical and drug storage areas and transport vehicles to deliver products to our customers and other support services. All our storage facilities are equipped to receive various types of medical products, human medicines, dry food, herbal preparations, and cosmetic products. We provide comprehensive supply, storage, and supply solutions to healthcare providers, medical suppliers, and distributors in the field of medicines. We also provide logistics services and medical products to healthcare providers

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The Address

Company: Office17, Masarrah Center, Prince Sultan St. Olaya, Riyadh.

Main Warehouse: Unit 15, St. 47, Mansouriyah, Riyadh

Modon Warehouses: St. 50, Misfat District, Kharaj Road, Riyadh

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